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The Obscure Entries of the 8th Generation of Gaming

Posted by Super Sonic on November 21, 2011 at 9:20 PM

Almost everyone knows about the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. It's also no secret that Sony and Microsoft have some new home console game system in the making. However, do you know about any other 8th gen video game dedicated devices? Currently there are three of these obscure 8th gen video game systems in the making and another that has already been scrapped. 

These systems are:

Jungle (cancled)- Panasonic's activity in the gaming realm has always been mediocre. Its 5th generation console, the 3DO, managed to get a well sized fanbase but it failed in comparison to Nintendo, Sony, and Sega's own console entries of the time. This mild succes lead to the cancellation of Panasonic's sequel to the 3DO, the M2. Despite this, they were going to attempt entering the realm of video games again. This time Panasonic's aim was to produce a portable system called the Jungle. Unfortunatley, an unspecified issue lead to the Jungle being cancled as well. Not many specs have been released for the system other than that its focus was to allow gamers to play MMOs on the go. Based on this, it can be presumed that the system would have utilized a 3G online network to enable online gaming everywhere and that the system had an internet browser. The system was also presumed to be capable of 720p HD graphics. Released specs on the system included that it had a QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, D-Pad, U.S.B. ports (unspecified type), and an HDMI port. The system was reported to be able to play the games Stellar Dawn, RuneScape, and Battlestar Galactica Online. 

Razer Switchblade- Razer has been working on a secret project since 2009 and it has turned out to be the Razer Switchblade. The Switchblade is a powerful portable gaming device with the aim of merging the functions of a computer with a handheld game system. The sytem runs on the Windows 7 operating system and therefor will most likely be compatable with all Windows 7 software, including games. The system looks like a traditional netbook and is only slightly larger than the original Nintendo DS. The system's features include an LCD multi-touchscreen, a mini HDMI monitor port, a U.S.B. 3.0 port, a webcam, and a keyboard. The system's keyboard is supposed to utilize special technology that allows the system to remember custom control layouts for each individual game and system user. The system is specualted to have wi-fi and Bluetooth. It has also been said that a more expensive version of the system will be released with 3G funtionality as well. All specs on the Switchblade are subject to change because only prototpye versions have been shown. The Switchblade's release date has not been given but it is presumed to be released late 2011 to early 2012.

To find out more about the Razer Switchblade, visit the official Razer Switchblade page on Razer's website: More About the Razer Switchblade

EVO 2- In 2006 Envisions released a 7th generation console called the EVO Smart Console. The system was never fully advertised and was only available through online purchase but it sold very well. Now it seems like Envisions may take things a step farther with their new EVO 2 system, possibly intending to compete with the current big three game companies (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) in retail. The EVO 2 system runs on the Adroid 2.2 operating system. The system will have access to many Android games and Apps from launch, giving it a huge game library. Additionally the system will have its own exclusive game titles, some of which will be compatable with a motion controller.The EVO 2 will even come with certain games and software pre-installed. EVO 2 will support online functionality. This will include data streaming, online game matches, voice chat, and possibly an internet browser. The launch hardware for the console includes an HDMI port, 5 U.S.B. ports (unspecified type), an ethernet port, wi-fi, Bluetooth, flash storage memory, and an EVO 2 controller (which has a similar layout to an XBox controller). It seems that this console only uses digital download media and thus there is no disk reading capabilities. There are currently four different EVO 2 packages planned, each containing different accessories and having a different price tag. The price of the console (based on the package type bought) ranges from $129 USD to $179 USD. The system is supposed to launch late 2011. 

To find out more about the EVO 2, visit the official EVO 2 page on Envsions' website: Envisions EVO 2 Features

Zeebo 2 (false title)- Zeebo Inc. made their mark with the success of their 7th generation Zeebo console. The original Zeebo was made to provide 3rd world countries with an affordable game system. To do this, the Zeebo utilized a 3G internet connection to download games (mostly exclusive titles or 5th gen 3rd party titles). The idea behind this was that by using digital downloads instead of disks, the price of games would be reduced to reasonable values for areas where the Zeebo was released. The system was a success but its 3G network, the Zeebo Net, was shut down on September 30, 2011. The company has since stated that they are producing a new video game system that is to be released in 2012. The company has also expressed interest in releasing Zeebo gaming technology in the United Satates, which means that this un-named Zeebo video game console has a high possiblity of seeing a U.S. release. 

Play Well and God Bless!

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