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Secrets of the Nintendo 3DS

Posted by Super Sonic on July 5, 2011 at 5:35 PM

OK, this may not be as secret as you think but I'm going to shine some light on a few little known 3DS features. As some of you may know, I recently bought the Nintendo 3DS. Now other 3DS owners may know some of these features I'm going to list but there's still a few that I think you may not know about.

Menu Spaz


When in the Nintendo 3DS menu there are icons shown on the top screen that represent the selected application on the bottum touch screen. By placing the Nintendo 3DS on a hard surface and then tapping the system but not the touch screen or the buttons (I usually tap the area between the AXYB buttons and the Power button) the image on the top screen will move rapidly.

AR Games Secrets


Alright, most people will confirm playing the built-in AR software first, if they got a 3DS and no games for it. Now the AR Card system actually has more depth than it would appear. If you play Archery you will unlock another feature, play that and you'll get another feature, and so on. There are 6 AR functions, 3 games and 3 extras. There's Archery, Fishing, AR Shot (a cool take on pool), Grafitti (allows you to draw in the environment), Star Pics (use the different AR cards to pose their represenative Nintendo characters), and Mii Pics (which uses the ? card to bring your Miis into the real world). However, after playing the AR games so many times a little blue box will show up. Selecting this blue box will bring you to the AR Shop. Here you can trade in those Play Coins that you've earned for more AR applications. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the AR Shop is updated via an online connection and therefor when everything is bought, you're done with the shop. Within the AR Shop you can puchase eight new features, 3 games (of which 2 are all new and harder coarses of the original games while Free Fishing is an easy untimed variation of Fishing), 4 new applications, and the ability to take pictures in all AR games and applications. The new applications are Fish Gallery (a place to look at all that you have caught in any AR fishing game), Clock (which allows you to change the time of day for different brigtness levels), Globe (a 3D globe of the world with your general home location marked on it), and 3D Tools (which allows you to control how high or low something in the environment is).

The specific directions to unlcok these are as follows:


Star Pics and Archery come unlcocked. Complete Archery to unlock AR Shot and Mii Pics, complete AR Shot to unlcok fishing and Graffiti, Complete Fishing to unlock the AR Shop. In the AR Shop you can buy all applications and the ability to take pictures within all AR content with 1 Play Coin each and can buy all games for 3 Play Coins each!

I have also found some secrets within AR aplications.


1. In the clock application you can press the A button to make a chicken come out. If you move the 3DS too close to the AR card when the chicken comes out, the chicken will smash into glass. Allow it to keep doing this and a huge explosion will take place. Now press the A button and the chicken will be blackened by the explosion and there will be no glass for it to smash into. Simply leave the application and start it again to reset it back to normal.


2. In the globe application you can shoot at the globe, to spin it, by pressing the A button. Rapidly shoot the earth and the color of the glow around it will change from white, to orange, and finally to red. Keep shooting it when it's red and the globe will explode and a message will appear asking you to take care of our planet. Exit the application and you'll see you no longer have it but don't worry. After this the Globe will re-apear in the AR Shop for purchase.

Face Raiders Secrets


Nintendo gave everyone some comedic relief with the 3DS system through the included Face Raiders game. The game's all about shooting at the heads of real people that you've captured using the cameras. Progression to the next level requires beating your current level and a new face. However, there are 2 bonus stages within the game that are unlcoked in a different way. The first is unlcocked by playing the Show a Friend mode about 3 to 4 times and the second is unlcoked when you have taken enough photos of two peoples faces morphed together in 3DS Camera.

Hidden Nintendo 3DS Application


There is an application that is known to exist on the 3DS but can't be found when the system is first turned on. Rumors about it are floating all over the internet and it even was shown on a 3DS system used in an episode from the show Nintendo Week. Some people obtained it out of nowhere but don't know how they got it or what it's for. I found the exact answer through Nintendo. The Nintendo Zone, or Nintendo IZone outside of America, is an application that is acivated when the 3DS system comes in range of a 3DS specific hotspot. These hotspots are located at many Simon Malls, Best Buy stores, and certain AT&T HotSpots (including most McDonnald's restraunts). When in range of these hotspots with the Nintendo 3DS' wireless on, the 3DS automatically connects to these hotspots and the Nintendo Zone application becomes available (there's absolutely no internet set-up required)! The Nintendo Zone allows a 3DS owner to download demos and other exclusive content from these Nintendo 3DS specific hotspots! I have been in range of several of these hotspots and never recieved the application, leading me to believe that not all of these hotspots are fully ready yet.


Play Well and God Bless!


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